New York state’s Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit extended through 2020

January 2, 2017 |

In New York state, the Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit that provides 1 cent per gallon credit for biodiesel use in heating oil, up to 20 cents for 20%, was extended through 2020.

The New York State Clean Heat Fuel Tax Credit is only applicable to blends from B6 through B20. Blends of B5 and below are not applicable to any credit beginning in January 1, 2017 although were applicable for all blends from B1 through B20 in prior years. There is no mandate to use bio blends in the State of NY except for the City of NY whereby B2 blends are legislated through September 30, 2016 after which the City mandate increases to B5. Thus the reasoning to move the credit beginning at a B6.

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