RSB certifies world’s first bio-based PVC

October 21, 2019 |

In Germany, the world’s first certification to RSB’s new Advanced Products Standard was announced with the launch of INOVYN’s latest generation of PVC with a 100% RSB-certified supply chain.

For the production of BIOVYNTM fossil feedstock has been substituted with bio-attributed ethylene in the supply chain, a renewable feedstock that does not compete with the food chain. BIOVYNTM is certified by RSB as delivering a 100% substitution of fossil feedstock in its production system, enabling a significant greenhouse gas saving compared to conventionally produced PVC.

Having started the certification process in June this year, the BIOVYNTM supply chain demonstrates the speed at which certification to RSB’s best in class sustainability standard can be achieved.

INOVYN’s choice of an RSB-certified renewable feedstock demonstrates its commitment to supporting food security, human rights, zero deforestation and positive outcomes in a range of other social and environmental issues as they drive innovation in the circular and bio-economy.

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