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ABO’s Summer of Algae 2014 celebrates successes in Washington, across the US

In Washington, ABO has announced several successes in its Summer of Algae 2014 push. Sapphire Energy has announced a partnership with Sinopec in China to develop algae-derived fuels in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. This international announcement came on the heels of new from two more ABO members: Cellana inked a partnership with […]

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Cellana lands milestone $3.5M DOE algae grant

  In Washington, the US Department of Energy announced today $3.5 million for an algae project aimed at accelerating the development of sustainable, affordable algal biofuels. This research project supports the Department’s goal of producing 2,500 gallons of algal biofuel feedstock per acre per year by 2018, an important milestone toward reducing the cost of […]

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Canadian cement factory producing algae biofuels from carbon emissions

In Canada, St Marys Cement is investing in an algae-based biodiesel system that will be implemented by Pond Biofuels to help reduce the facility’s greenhouse gas emissions. For every kilogram of algae produced, 2kg of CO2 are mitigated. Though the Pond system only uses a small amount of the 540,000 metric tons of CO2 produced […]

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EnAlgae says algae is no better than palm oil

In the UK, the EnAlgae team has published a paper implying that algae are currently no more productive than palm oil. The authors explain that whilst technologies may be improving, algae physiology remains the limiting factor to achieving higher productivity and that the only way to remedy this is through genetic modification. Authors Phil Kenny […]

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Pebbles into boulders: Heliae takes its algae technology to Japan in JV with Sincere Corporation 

Heliae partners with Sincere Corporation for algae production venture to meet Japanese market demand for sustainable ingredients  In Arizona, Heliae announced a joint venture with top Japanese waste management and recycling company, Sincere Corporation, to develop a commercial algae production facility in Saga City, Japan. The joint venture has been named Alvita Corporation, and will […]

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Are we there yet? The positioning and repositioning of the algae industry

Probably every parent has heard the plaintive wail from the backseat, early in some long journey by car to some exciting place like Grandma’s or Disney World: “Are we there yet?” Today, we look at algae’s promise in 2008 and progress now. Has the industry repositioned? An agreeable reporter from KPBS San Diego visited with the […]

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Izuzu Motors teams with Euglena on algae drop-in fuel

In Japan, Izuzu Motors has teamed with Euglena Co. to develop a new kind of drop-in fuels from algae, with the technology expected to be on the market by 2018. Euglena has already been developing jet fuel from algae with ANA Airlines.  

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Neste Oil signs algae oil off-take contract with RAE

In Finland, Neste Oil and Renewable Algal Energy (RAE), a US-based algae biomass producer, have signed a contingent commercial algae oil off-take agreement. Algae oil is one of the alternatives being researched by Neste Oil for use as a feedstock for producing NEXBTL renewable diesel in the future. Cooperation with RAE is intended to secure […]

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Carr tapped as new Algae Biomass Organization chief

Exits as BIO’s industrial biotech policy guru to become an Algae Czar.  Today, there are hundreds of biologists, engineers and commercial gurus leading algae to new heights in the labs, pilot plants, demonstration plants — even commercial-scale fermenters. Algae – the underlying source of a myriad of “available today” products from Omega-3 supplements to biodiesel, health and […]

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Roquette moves to commercial-scale with microalgae-based food and ingredients project in France

Last year in the Digest, we reported the break-up of Solazyme Roquette, a JV aimed at producing a new range of food ingredients made from renewable plant-based raw materials with exceptional nutritional potential. Happily, Solazyme has subsequently reached commercial scale at Moema, and news reached the Digest this week that Roquette, a global leader in […]

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