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Aquafuel algae fuel to be used to power electric Grand Prix series

In the UK, Aquafuel’s algae fuel will be used to power the world’s first electric Grand Prix series showcasing zero emission technologies. Formula E’s sustainability manger Julia Pallé told BusinessGreen the championship organizers have signed a deal with U.K. startup Aquafuel to supply generators powered by glycerine, a byproduct of biodiesel that also can be […]

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Algae Systems completes demonstration of new process

In Alabama, Algae Systems LLC completed demonstration of a new biofuel production approach in early-August jointly with Japans IHI Corporation. The process is based on the conversion of algae and wastewater to energy and clean water. A demonstration plant, located in Daphne Alabama, combines wastewater with algae to produce the worlds first energy-generating wastewater treatment […]

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Algae-fueled BIQ building in Germany a great success

In Germany, a building running on algae fuel has been operating for over a year and residents inside say they are happy and that energy performance is great. The Bio Intelligent Quotient (BIQ) building runs on the heat produced by photosynthesis and algae biomass which is harvested and dried. A prototype building, BIQ is being […]

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Algae’s Secret Investor trims the sails: Reliance re-ups Algenol, Algae.Tec, drops Aurora Algae

Re-ups investment in Algenol and Algae.Tec, while dropping Aurora Algae, say sources — resulting in shake-ups at Aurora. When it comes to algae, Reliance Industries has been anything but loud in touting its interest in and investments in algae energy R&D. Back in early 2010, a lot of data began to accumulate suggesting that Reliance […]

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Renewable Algal Energy aims for first commercial algae project by Q4 2014

In Switzerland, Renewable Algal Energy said that Q4 2014 is the target date for the first RAE commercial algal production systems, producing products for the nutraceutical, animal nutrition, and renewable fuels markets — adding that ABB will supply control systems, instrumentation, low voltage electrical equipment and variable speed drives that will help those integrated algal […]

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ABO’s Summer of Algae 2014 celebrates successes in Washington, across the US

In Washington, ABO has announced several successes in its Summer of Algae 2014 push. Sapphire Energy has announced a partnership with Sinopec in China to develop algae-derived fuels in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. This international announcement came on the heels of new from two more ABO members: Cellana inked a partnership with […]

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Cellana lands milestone $3.5M DOE algae grant

  In Washington, the US Department of Energy announced today $3.5 million for an algae project aimed at accelerating the development of sustainable, affordable algal biofuels. This research project supports the Department’s goal of producing 2,500 gallons of algal biofuel feedstock per acre per year by 2018, an important milestone toward reducing the cost of […]

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Canadian cement factory producing algae biofuels from carbon emissions

In Canada, St Marys Cement is investing in an algae-based biodiesel system that will be implemented by Pond Biofuels to help reduce the facility’s greenhouse gas emissions. For every kilogram of algae produced, 2kg of CO2 are mitigated. Though the Pond system only uses a small amount of the 540,000 metric tons of CO2 produced […]

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EnAlgae says algae is no better than palm oil

In the UK, the EnAlgae team has published a paper implying that algae are currently no more productive than palm oil. The authors explain that whilst technologies may be improving, algae physiology remains the limiting factor to achieving higher productivity and that the only way to remedy this is through genetic modification. Authors Phil Kenny […]

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Pebbles into boulders: Heliae takes its algae technology to Japan in JV with Sincere Corporation 

Heliae partners with Sincere Corporation for algae production venture to meet Japanese market demand for sustainable ingredients  In Arizona, Heliae announced a joint venture with top Japanese waste management and recycling company, Sincere Corporation, to develop a commercial algae production facility in Saga City, Japan. The joint venture has been named Alvita Corporation, and will […]

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