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10 MegaVitaVegeTrends for Mega-Efficient Biofuels 

Are your biotechnologies run down, listless? Do they poop out at pitch meetings? Are they unpopular? The answer to your problems may well be in this list — in the technologies that eliminate the waste that comes from biorefining itself? Making industrial biotech more efficient, transformative and sustainable. So, join the happy peppy people following our 10 […]

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Benefuel raises $11M from Series C first close; Suncor is a new lead investor 

From Texas, we hear that Benefuel announced that it has closed $11 million in the first tranche of its offering of Series C Preferred Stock. A U.S. subsidiary of Suncor Energy, Canada’s leading integrated energy company was the primary subscriber. The first tranche also included Flint Hills Resources and other existing shareholders. Additionally, Benefuel and […]

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University of Bath research looks deeper into biodiesel from coffee grinds

In the UK, new research from the University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies shows that waste coffee grinds could be used to make biodiesel. Oil can be extracted from coffee grounds by soaking them in an organic solvent, before being chemically transformed into biodiesel via a process called “transesterification”. The study, recently published […]

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IncBio delivers 120,000 tonne biodiesel plant to South America

In Portugal, IncBio has delivered a 120,000MT per year ultrasonic transesterification reactor to be installed in South America. The reactor will be used in an existing plant originally supplied by one of the largest biodiesel plant manufacturers in the world, but due to the outdated designed the plant was producing very inefficiently, the addition of […]

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The rise of the neodiesel companies

Biodiesel? Renewable diesel? Enzymatic biodiesel? Renewable jet fuel? Or, more to the point, a combination of some or all? Here comes Neo – the neodiesel companies — brimming with technologies to create cleaner alternatives to a powerhouse fuel. They have all the performance, half the carbon, and a range of no-food feedstocks to choose from. In covering the redefinition of the US […]

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Unlocking profitable biofuels opportunities with process simulation: white paper

By Jennifer Dyment and Ron Beck, Product Marketing, Aspen Technology Inc. As the demand for lower carbon emission fuels increases, resourceful design of biofuel processes—such as biodiesel, bioethanol, syngas, and biogas derived from biomass feedstocks such as corn, sugarcane, algae, and cellulosic sources etc.— is unlocking opportunities for more attractive and profitable endeavors. Combustible biofuels […]

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Incbio delivers 8,000MT per year biodiesel plant to Tunisia

In Portugal, Incbio has delivered an 8,000MT per year biodiesel plant to Biokast Energy S.A., to be installed in Tunis, Tunisia. Due to its skidded construction, the plant is fully built previous to shipping, and requires minimal assembly on site, taking usually less than a week from arrival to start up. This minimizes installation costs and […]

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IncBio to supply 55,000 MT biodiesel plant to South America

In Portugal, IncBio has just secured an agreement to supply a 55,000 MT/year transesterification plant, for an undisclosed client in South America. It will incorporate IncBio’s ultrasonic technology to produce Biodiesel from locally produced palm oil, and Ion Exchange resin towers for purification. IncBio expects the plant to be complete by December 2014.

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Florida Biodiesel sells biodiesel plant to Ivory Coast

In Florida, Florida Biodiesel, Inc. has completed a B-500 Biodiesel plant sale to the Lorymat Corporation Ivory Coast. The Biodiesel production equipment will be used to demonstrate Green Fuel technology and produce Biodiesel for the Ivory Coast. The Lorymat Corporation has chosen the B-500 Biodiesel processor for their prime transesterification facility. The B-500 Biodiesel plant […]

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Abengoa Bioenergy: Biofuels Digest’s 2014 5-Minute Guide

Company description a. Traditional fermentation of cereal grains and sugar cane for the commercial production of bioethanol b. Traditional transesterification for the production of biodiesel from cereal and vegetable oils. c. Multiple technology options for the commercial demonstration of cellulosic fuel production. Rankings 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy: #13, 2013-14 The Situation Abengoa has identified […]

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