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Rising Phoenix Biofuels closes after nine years

In Arizona, Rising Phoenix Biofuels has shuttered its doors after nine years, claiming that the biofuels industry is “in its death throes.” The distribution company sold their last gallon on September 4th and removed the tank last Wednesday. The company, which sourced its biodiesel from local Sequential Biofuels in Salem, sold only 99.9% biodiesel, which […]

September 16, 2013 More

Myth Busting – Republicans and Algae

By Mary Rosenthal, Executive Director, Algal Biomass Organization Biofuels Digest columnist I’m sure many of you remember that algae became a bit of a political football during the Republican primary campaign. It certainly was hard for me and others in the industry to see algae technology belittled. And based on that experience one might be inclined […]

July 19, 2012 More

On the Move in Biofuels: SG Biofuels

In California, SG Biofuels has expanded its science team with the addition of Benito Juarez as director of breeding. Juarez joins SGB’s breeding and biotechnology team as it ramps its global development and deployment of improved hybrid varieties of Jatropha.

March 21, 2012 More

Ecofys surveys Euro airlines and biofuels

In the Netherlands, Ecofys released a report on the entry of European airlines into the biofuels market. “Biofuels are the most important option to sustain growth in aviation sector under carbon constraints for coming decades,” the report finds. “Focus on biofuels provide airlines an opportunity to by-pass traditional fuel suppliers and to opt for vertically […]

March 15, 2012 More

Biofuels Digest Index drops to 73.89 as EPA’s palm oil biodiesel ‘no” bites

The Biofuels Digest Index™ (BDI), a basket of public biofuels stocks, fell 0.47 percent to 73.89 as Mission NewEnergy and Aventine plunged. For the day, BP dropped 2.39 percent to $43.70, while Mission NewEnergy (MNEL) dropped a whopping 30.91 percent to $1.52 after palm oil biodiesel outlook for the US darkened. Among other equities, Aventine […]

January 30, 2012 More

EPA set to nix palm oil as advanced biofuel feedstock

In Washington, Friends of the Earth relates that the EPA is expected to announce tomorrow that diesel produced from palm oil releases too many greenhouse gas emissions to qualify as a renewable fuel. “EPA gets it right: Palm Oil is not “renewable”, said FOE’s Michal Rosenoer, adding, “Friends of the Earth applauds the EPA for […]

January 27, 2012 More

A new era of domestic energy

By Mary Rosenthal, Executive Director, Algal Biomass Organization As we move into 2012, I think everyone is in agreement the world needs more fuel – of any type. Cambridge Energy Research Associates, the leading analyst group for the petroleum industry, estimates that by 2030, the world will demand 35 million barrels per day of liquids […]

January 27, 2012 More

USDA gives ZeaChem conditional commitment on $232M loan guarantee

In Colorado, Zeachem has received a conditional commitment for a $232.5 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program. The total project cost for the 25 million gallon per year biorefinery is estimated to be $390.5 million, and the remainder of the project cost will be covered through equity contributions […]

January 27, 2012 More

Ceres revises IPO, aims to raise $132M at $21-$23 per share, as roadshow begins

In California, seed maker Ceres has filed with the SEC in a bid to raise up to $132 million in an IPO.  The company will offer 5 million shares for sale at $21 to $23 per share.  Underwriters, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Piper Jaffray, Raymond James Financial, and Simmons will be allowed to purchase an additional […]

January 27, 2012 More

Gevo says its patent process predates work by Brazilian research team

In Colorado, Gevo responded to a claim by a researcher at the University of Campinas in Brazil that Butamax and Gevo “are fighting over a fermentation technology (integrated flash separation) which was firstly developed by our research group (University of Campinas – Brazil).” The researcher, Adriano Marino, wrote that “Gevo filed its patent (US 8,101,808 […]

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