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Chile, US to continue collaboration on Navy biofuels research

In Chile, the US Navy and the Chilean Navy will extend their four-year collaboration for mutual research on advanced alternative fuels. The latest agreement enables both nations to boost energy security and deliver an increased certainty of energy supply and cost; the US Navy aims to have 50% of overall organizational use powered by alternative […]

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Answers for your Questions about the Bioeconomy, biofuels, renewable chemicals and bioproducts

Amazing questions get asked at industry conferences — and except for attendees, you generally don’t hear them, or the answers. With great sessions at conferences, delegates are usually keen to get a hold of the powerpoint decks. But how do you get a hold of the great Q&A that follows the presentations — or the […]

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Biofuels International Fiji loses $500,000 in pongamia trees due to fire

In Fiji, Biofuels International Fiji says it has lost about a half million dollars’ worth of pongamia trees due to arson. About 200,000 trees have been planted, but repeated arson attacks since 2012 has led to the loss of thousands of trees. Local police authorities say that fires resulted from neighboring farms whose fires burning […]

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Namibian cement company to use 80% biofuels to reduce energy costs

In Namibia, Ohorongo Cement plans to boost its biofuel consumption to 80% of its energy needs from a current 30% using blackthorn as feedstock. The investment, which is expected to be competitive in the long term, is meant to reduce costs and dependence of imported oil and coal. The company is currently facing threat from […]

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Report slams effectiveness of Canadian support to biofuels

In Canada, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute has released a report criticizing the effectiveness of the country’s biofuels support programs, estimating that federal government biofuel initiatives cost Canadians between $3.00 and $3.50 for every dollar of social and environmental benefits achieved. Consequently the policy has failed to deliver value to Canadian taxpayers, it says.  

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The I-75 Biofuels Corridor: now, the world’s longest

Complete this summer — this 1786-mile stretch of American interstate highway aims to offer the longest all-biofuels driving experience on the planet. B20, E85? Here are the need-to-knows. This week across six US states, stakeholders are celebrating the impending completion of the “World’s Longest Biofuels Corridor”, The I‐75 Green Corridor Project. The Project was launched five […]

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Indonesian government pushing more investment in biofuels sector

In Indonesia, the government has extended its policy requiring financial services to adhere to strict greening policies. Previously only banks were included under the regulation but it will now cover the capital market and non-banking sectors. The program is meant to promote awareness among companies about environmental issues and increase investment in biofuels projects as […]

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IRENA says 1.45 million people employed in biofuels in 2013

In the UAE, in 2013 approximately 6.5 million people were already employed in the renewable energy industry worldwide, a new study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reveals. ‘Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2014’ underlines the important role that renewables continue to play in employment creation and growth in the global economy. […]

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Report Recommends Stronger Policy Framework for California’s Advanced Biofuels

In California, a new report by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) finds that the state may not have enough incentives in place to encourage private investment for advanced biofuels. The report, “Policies for California’s Energy Future – Scaling Up Advanced Biofuels”, is the second report in a series to help the state […]

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REA frustrated by UK’s lack of support for sustainable biofuels

In the UK, REA is frustrated by the lack of concrete measures to improve the policy framework for sustainable biofuels in Government decisions published last week. In responses to two important consultations, the DfT proposed a limited set of changes to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) and stopped short of outlining how it will […]

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