New Energy Farms introduces new Miscanthus planting systems to North America

August 9, 2010 |

In Canada, New Energy Farms has released two new four-row planters for Miscanthus – an ‘Automatic’ planter has a ‘separation’ system in the rhizome storage hopper to tease apart the individual rhizomes before they are delivered into furrows, and the other a ‘Precision’ planter system.

Miscanthus, a perennial grass which is harvested each year for the bamboo-like cane stems, is planted once and can remain productive for up to 20 years; it is important that every effort is made to maximize crop establishment in the year it is planted.New Energy Farms is offering Miscanthus rhizomes for as low as $0.27 each for large violume planting, and projects a superior return but lower establishment cost for Miscanthus than comparable renewable energy biomass feedstocks such as switchgrass, corn stover or poplar.

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