2011 biofuels predictions season kicks off with Cascadia's picks

December 14, 2010 |

Mid-December has arrived and the 2011 biofuels predictions season kicked off with a set from Cascadia Capital. The Digest’s own 2011 set will be published Tuesday December 21st.

From Cascadia Capital came the following:

1. Cap and Trade Discarded by Congress in National Energy Policy
Cascadia believes that Congress will implement a national energy policy in the coming year that focuses primarily on incenting new production of natural gas, renewable energies and nuclear; however, it will not include economic penalties for not achieving a reduction in carbon emissions.

2. Rising Oil Prices Lead to Investments in Natural Gas
As the economy continues to slowly improve over the next 12 months, Cascadia predicts that oil will hit $100 per barrel. At the same time, oil companies will look to expand their operations by purchasing natural gas companies and assets.

3. Waste to Energy Technology Ready for Prime Time
Cascadia believes that technologies capable of converting municipal solid waste to energy will be ready for commercialization in 2011 and will replace incinerators and landfills as the primary option for municipal solid waste.

4. Traditional Energy Companies Pursue Acquisitions in Renewable Energy
Cascadia predicts that traditional energy companies such as BP, Chevron and Shell will continue to grow their renewable energy portfolio through acquisition.

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