Logos Technologies lands $17.5M DARPA grant for cellulosic jet biofuels

December 17, 2010 |

In Virginia, Logos Technologies has been awarded the second phase research grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to produce fully compatible jet fuel from cellulose — the structural component of all plants and algae.  With this process, Logos scientists and their teammates estimate, the cellulose waste streams from agriculture, industries, and cities could supply a significant amount of U.S. transportation fuel needs with a fossil-fuel substitute.  Logos’ effort in Phase-1 was worth $19.6 million.

This Phase-2 base award totals $17.5 million without options.  The project team of 10 organizations from 5 states — including universities and large and small businesses — will be managed by the Logos Technologies Energy Systems Division at its process-integration laboratory in northern Virginia.  Logos states that they are aggressively developing advanced capabilities in this and other advanced methods of energy production.

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