Bloomberg New Energy Finance names 2011 New Energy Pioneers

April 5, 2011 |

In New York, Bloomberg New Energy Finance has announced its 2011 New Energy Pioneers. Among the winners were three companies in biofuels, water remediation and renewable chemicals.

• BrightSource Energy BrightSource Energy designs, develops, builds and sells large-scale solar thermal power systems that deliver reliable, clean energy to utilities and industrial companies worldwide.

• Green Biologics has developed an advanced fermentation process to convert readily available waste and agricultural by-product feedstocks into high value chemicals and biofuels. GBL focuses on the production of butanol, a widely used chemical and advanced next-generation biofuel with superior fuel and sustainability characteristics. Green Biologics’ technology likewise aims to produce biochemicals and biofuels from sustainable feedstocks at a lower cost than their petroleum equivalents.

• Metabolix has pioneered the creation of Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-based plastics and chemicals, which will enable the displacement of petroleum-based feedstocks. At Metabolix, PHAs are produced via fermentation of sugars, or expressed directly in crops. Fermentation feedstocks can be sugars derived from corn, or lignocellulosic sugars derived from energy crops. In a technical breakthrough, the company has successfully expressed PHAs in both biomass and industrial oil seed crops.


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