Walki develops cover to speed up woody biomass drying

May 5, 2011 |

In Finland, Walki has developed a paper-based, waterproof cover that can be chipped and burned together with logging residue. The cover itself is a four-meter wide laminate, mainly produced from renewable fibrous materials. It shelters the top of a log pile, where logs are dried to improve energy content, but leaves the sides open, allowing moisture to evaporate. A thin plastic layer within the cover makes it both waterproof and strong, but thanks to the characteristics of the plastic, the cover can be chipped along with the residue and used as fuel as well.

“The cover is easy to spread with the same machinery that gathers the residue in the woods,” says Ilkka Leskinen, Sales Manager at Uittokalusto, the main reseller of Walki’s biomass cover in Finland.

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