UK awards grant to TerraVerdae BioWorks

May 10, 2011 |

In the UK, TerraVerdae BioWorks was awarded a strategic grant under the UK Technology Strategy Board competition for Manufacturing High Value Chemicals through Industrial Biotechnology. This award will support TerraVerdae’s efforts to scale-up the company’s industrial bioprocess for production of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) based biodegradable plastics.

The project is supported through TerraVerdae’s collaboration with The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), the UK’s premier industrial bioprocess development and technology innovation center. The project will also support product development partnerships with key industry collaborators.

Commercial development and deployment of TerraVerdae’s next generation biobased materials provide key economic, resource security, and environmental benefits. Biodegradable plastics from waste creates a unique cradle-to-cradle value proposition for landfill waste, biomass residues and industrial wastes.

More about TerraVerdae.

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