OriginOil, Idaho National Lab link for algal standards development

September 26, 2011 |

In California, OriginOil announced that they will begin to work with the DOE’s Idaho National Labratory to develop standards for converting biomass, including algae, into biofuels and other products.  The collaboration will include how algae can add energy content to other feedstocks such as woody and herbaceous materials, which are already being configured for biochemical and thermochemical upgrading for energy production. I

t is envisioned that once the correct formulation is established, the combined chemical and energy value of the whole formatted feedstock will be greater than the sum of individual parts.  Until now, the focus on algae has been on harvesting its oil products for drop-in biofuels. However, using the whole algae feedstock with its lipids still in the cell is more energy-efficient and helps centralize downstream processing

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