Energy station of the future: Propel launches first Clean Mobility Center

May 16, 2012 |

Free tire air for improved fuel economy; bicycle tuning; renewable fuels; on-demand carbon offsets; at-pump recycling; community transit info; Propel’s got it all going in the Golden State.

In California, Propel Fuels is launching the company’s first Clean Mobility Center, in Fullerton.

The Center offers a distinctly different customer experience, featuring high performance renewable fuels (E85 Flex Fuel, biodiesel blends) alongside conventional fuels. With a focus larger than just oil, Propel’s new stations enable customers to carbon offset fuel purchases, improve fuel economy, find transit routes and ride share opportunities, tune bicycles, and recycle on the go.

The new station model provides a highly visible platform to introduce the benefits of renewable fuels to a mainstream driver base alongside conventional options in some of the most underserved renewable fuel markets. For the first time, drivers can offset carbon emissions from their fuel purchase right from the pump by directly funding clean air projects through Propel’s partnership with the Foundation.

The Clean Mobility Center fueling station offers vibrant, brightly colored green pumps selling renewable and conventional fuels side-by-side, built with recycled materials, LED lighting, paperless transaction options and more. The Center offers free air stations for filling tires, increasing fuel economy, bicycle tuning and repair stations, carbon offset purchases directly at pump, at the pump recycling stations, a community transportation information kiosk, bus routes, ride share, bike lanes. Plus, the latest in green vehicles will be on display including the latest in FlexFuel and Biodiesel models from General Motors, Ford and Volkswagen.

During this Grand Opening week, Propel is giving away $10 in freerenewable fuels for any driver wishing to try E85 or biodiesel.

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