$706 million in annual savings tied to bioplastic container design project

July 11, 2012 |

In Missouri, R&D/Leverage reports that they have developed a molding system for Iowa State University’s five year bioplastic horticulture development project, called “Bioplastic Container Cropping Systems: Green Technology for the Green Industry”.

ISU has been funded by the USDA to develop a commercially feasible bioplastic container design that can potentially save $706 million annually, encompassing bedding plants, fruits and vegetables and containerized shrubs and trees for residential gardening and landscaping.

The ISU teams has developed 14 formulations, but ran into problems with ejection molding.  Leverage engineered a mold, and ISU brought down their 14 bio-resins for testing.  Leverage noted that a major issue was the materials and their moisture content.

More on the story.

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