Current Dutch policy is falling short of 2020 target despite strong growth, group says

August 27, 2012 |

In the Netherlands, the share of renewable energy in the Netherlands is set to rise from 4% in 2010 to 7-10% in 2020, short of the European target of 14% by 2020.  These are some of the conclusions of a report recently published by PBL and ECN, titled Referentieraming energie en emissies: actualisatie 2012. Expectations are that, if the policy that has been agreed on is carried out, the share of renewable energy will increase from 4% currently to 8% in 2020 (with a margin between 7% and 10%).

This growth is mainly due to increased production of wind energy, more use of biofuels in the transport sector and increasing application of sustainable heating. The calculations are based on the current policy of the Rutte government, but also take into account proposed policy measures and the agreements made by five political parties in the spring (Lenteakkoord), aimed at reducing the budget deficit. This report is an updated version of the PBL and ECN report Referentieraming energie en emissies 2010-2020, published in 2010.

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