Romney: “Biofuels are crucial to America’s energy future…maintain the Renewable Fuel Standard.”

October 10, 2012 |

In Washington, the Romney campaign issued a long-awaited white paper on agricultural policy. Among the highlights:

Farm Bill.

“As president, Romney will ensure that a strong farm bill is passed in a timely manner to give farmers and ranchers the certainty they need for their operations and their livelihoods.”


“As president, Mitt Romney will make trade a top priority. He will complete the Trans- Pacific Partnership and pursue new agreements, focusing particularly on promising markets in Latin America. He will also form what he calls the Reagan Economic Zone, a broader coalition of nations impatient with the lack of progress at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and committed to moving ahead with free trade on their own.”

Energy independence.

ACHIEVE NORTH AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE BY 2020. Accelerate the development of America’s abundant energy resources, while pursuing a North American Energy Partnership that ensures America can also share in the substantial energy resources of Canada and Mexico…Maintain the Renewable Fuel Standard, fulfilling the federal government’s commitment to biofuels growers and refiners and providing them the certainty they need to follow through on their investments in promising technologies.”

Energy investment.

“Facilitate private-sector-led development of new technologies by focusing government investment on research across the full spectrum of energy-related technologies, and not on picking winners and losers.”


“He will not only accelerate the development of conventional energy sources, but also advance new technologies by funding early-stage research and ensuring that breakthroughs are able to reach the market and compete on a level playing field. Romney recognizes that biofuels are crucial to America’s energy future and to achieving his goal of energy independence, and he supports maintaining the Renewable Fuel Standard to guarantee producers the market access they have been promised as they continue to move forward.”

The complete ag policy white paper can be downloaded here.

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