Biofuels 2013, The Year of Capital: your say in ABLC’s Big Dialogue

January 2, 2013 |

At ABLC in Washington, DC this April, we are bringing together the movers and shakers in the nexus between global financing, ventures and global policy for industrial biotech at our 2nd annual Industrial Biotech Global Investment Summit.

In today’s Digest 30-Second Poll: Your say on the Big Biofuels Financing Issues

Take the survey. Its your chance to help them understand your issues – how would you like to see the dialogue at ABLC structured to best meet your needs?

Who’s at ABLC this year?

Chad Holliday, chairman, Bank of America; former CEO, DuPont
Michael Eckhart — Managing Director, Global Head of Environmental Finance & Sustainability, Citigroup
David Badal – Executive Director, Renewable Fuels & Chemicals Investment Banking, JP Morgan
Vicky Sharpe – CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Doug Cameron – Managing Director, First Green Partners

John Kirkwood – Partner, Kreig DeVault
John May – Managing Director, Stern Brothers
Mike Reidy – Partner, Mintz Levin
Pavel Molchanov – Sr. VP, Raymond James & Associates
Rob Stone – Managing Director, Cowen & Company

What happens with your answers to the Big Questions?

We distribute a copy of these to every ABLC speaker and moderator to ensure that their comments and presentations are on target vis-a-vis with your concerns. And we’ll directly address them in our industry briefing before and during the event.  If you take the Digest Survey, your issues will become part of the Big Dialogue at ABLC 2013.



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