DuPont, Coca-Cola, BP, US Navy surge in Biofuels Digest’s Hot Partners poll

May 24, 2013 |

In Florida, voting is now underway in the 2013 Hot Partners competition, and will continue through Friday June 14 at 5pm EDT.

In voting yesterday, DuPont, Coke, BP and the US Navy picked up enough votes to take the lead among “strategic customers” and “lab services”.

In the bio-based world, that means partners, and plenty of them from field to wheels. Who are the best? Who’s the hottest?

Voting is open to all Digest subscribers – one vote per subscriber. To subscribe to the Digest, click here.

Categories and leaders in voting so far:

Engineering, procurement & construction – Harris Group
Enzymes, yeasts & sugars – Novozymes
Feedstocks (energy crops) – Solazyme
Feedstocks (gases and residues) – POET Biomass
Distributors – Green Plains Renewable Energy
Finance (early-stage) – US DOE
Finance (commercialization) – USDA
Lab services – DuPont
Pretreatment systems –  POET-DSM
Professional counselors & consultants  – Stoel Rives
Separation, microharvest, informatics & catalysis systems and services – BASF
Processing systems and services – POET-DSM
Vehicle & vehicular equipment systems – John Deere
R&D Partners – NREL
Strategic customers (fuels) – BP, US Navy
Strategic customers (bio-based products) – Coca-Cola


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