Beta Renewables begins shipping cellulosic biofuels

June 11, 2013 |

Former “moon shot” transitions into “business as usual”

Every once in a while, the Eagle really does land, and one small step for a man really does translate into one giant leap for mankind.

In Italy, following the commissioning and start-up of its 20 million gallon per year cellulosic biofuels plant in Crescentino, Italy, Beta Renewables has commenced shipping cellulosic ethanol in commercial quantities.

As we observed in “Tranquility Base Here. The Crescentino Project has landed,” the project once described as a “moon shot” is now safely embedded in the lunar surface — with a transformative cost structure may well reignite the cellulosic rockets.

The first thing you notice about the Beta Renewables cellulosic ethanol plant in Crescentino is the size and scope. Tucked away in the sprawling, agriculture-rich plain that lies just south of the Italian Alps in the vicinity of Torino, the towering columns dominate the surrounding landscape like the gantryways of Kennedy Space Center’s launch pads, lording it over the Florida flatlands at Cape Canaveral.

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