New GREET fuel cycle model released

October 28, 2013 |

In Illinois, the Argonne National Laboratory is highlighting a new GREET fuel cycle model release (GREET1 2013) uploaded to the GREET web site.

This release includes the following updates: New marine fuel pathways and commercial vessel operations: New sorghum ethanol pathways; New Tallow pathway; Electric power sector technology shares, efficiencies and emission factors by technology and utility regions; CH4 emissions for natural gas pathways; Transmission and distribution emission factors, energy intensity, mode shares and distances; Biofuels land use change data and new modeling options; Cellulosic biomass feedstock updates Fertilizers and nutrients use for biofuels pathways; Petroleum refining efficiency; Light duty vehicles tailpipe emission factors; Hydrogen production with latest DOE H2A models; and Urban share of criteria air pollutants (CAP) emissions (petroleum, electricity, LDVs)

To view the updates and/or download the new version, visit the GREET website here.

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