Alternative Fuels America advances to trial production run of jatropha-based fuel

December 16, 2013 |

In Florida, Alternative Fuels America is beginning a three-phase trial production run of jatropha-based biofuel as the next step toward commercialization of its “seed to pump” vertically-integrated endeavor. The feedstock for Phase 1 will come from AFAI’s plantation in Tempate, Costa Rica.

“As with every endeavor we undertake, we are testing our assumptions and capabilities before we engage in larger-scale activity,” said AFAI CEO Craig Frank. “This is a major milestone for us and we need to be certain that we not only produce quality biodiesel, but also that we do so within the cost structures we have imposed. These three phases of trials will allow us to pinpoint issues, make the appropriate adjustments, and finalize processes that will ensure the sustainable and profitable production of biodiesel. This is yet one more step on our path to value creation.”

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