The Latest in next-wave biofuels feedstock reports: Bamboo, arundo, kenaf or wheat straw

June 8, 2014 |

Just about anything important these days in biofuels starts with an F — though whether your current favorite F-word is feedstock, finance, feasibility, or FUBAR will depend a great deal on where your favorite flavor of technology finds itself on its path to scale.

It all starts with feedstock, of course — and there’s nothing more attractive than free. To bring you up to speed on the latest about 21 hot feedstocks, we’ve assembled 18 different reports that we think will both teach and delight.

Bamboo, arundo, kenaf or wheat straw

Not too many studies on the potential from bamboo, so we were pleased to see that Kimberly-Clark sponsored this study that considered the environmental implications of bamboo kraft pulp as a substitute for northern softwood Kraft pulp, and mechanically pulped Arundo donax, kenaf or wheat straw as substitutes for recycled deinked pulp.

The analysis compares current production and delivery of Canadian northern softwood kraft pulp with potential production of bamboo Kraft pulp in the southeast of the United States, and compares current production of deinked recycled fiber pulp with potential production of Arundo donax, kenaf or wheat straw mechanical pulp in the US southeast. This study is not intended to make comparative assertion between fibers. The comparison sets and study were established due to their ability to inform Kimberly-Clark and its stakeholders as it considers potential use of alternative fibers. They should not be interpreted as actual fiber substitution plans as the company is still in early stages of research.

The report is here.


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