On the Move in Biofuels: Lovley joins LanzaTech advisory board

July 10, 2014 |

Dr. Derek Lovley, Distinguished Professor and Director of Environmental Biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts has joined the advisory board of LanzaTech. Initially focussed on using carbon monoxide (CO) streams from industry, LanzaTech’s ‘microbe factories’ are also able to recycle carbon from carbon dioxide (CO2) gas streams, through the application of microbial electrosynthesis, as pioneered by Dr. Lovley and his team.

Electrosynthesis enables microbes to grow using CO2 and energy from renewable electricity, such as from solar power. With this technology, LanzaTech’s carbon-capturing microbes are like plants but don’t need land, fertilizer or irrigation. The microbes capture carbon from the CO2 that is so abundant today and recycle it into the products we use in daily life without impacting food or water security.

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