Algae Biomass Organization launches petition to support approval of CO2 Recycling for emissions reduction

September 30, 2014 |

ABOIn California, the Algae Biomass Organization announced a “We the People” petition to the White House aimed at securing US EPA approval of carbon capture and use technologies to meet the emissions reductions targets set by the agency.

“We need EPA and those involved in the power generation industry to recognize that algae and other technologies can convert waste carbon into a range of valuable products,” said Matt Carr, Executive Director of the Algae Biomass Organization. “Algae need CO2 in order to grow, making waste CO2 from power plants a valuable input.  We believe the EPA should recognize this value and encourage the recycling of waste CO2.”

“We need to look no further than the aluminum industry for a parallel.  More than 70 percent of the total aluminum ever produced has been recycled into valuable products and is in use today. The  industry saves more than 90 percent of the energy costs required to produce products,” continued Carr. “More than 670,000 jobs are supported and the industry produces $152 billion in economic impact. We have a similar opportunity with recycling of carbon – and EPA acknowledgement of the potential for CCU is key for our industry to reach its full potential.”

The text of the petition reads as follows:

“The EPA should encourage states to meet CO2 reduction goals by allowing the recycling of CO2 via carbon capture & utilization (CCU) technology.  This common sense approach reduces overall emissions, creates a revenue stream for utilities that offsets the cost of compliance, keeps rates low for taxpayers and stimulates economic development and job creation across the country.

“Technologies are now available to utilize CO2 captured from power plants and fed directly to organisms like bacteria and algae, which can be converted into valuable products, such as fuels and chemicals, animal feed and human nutrition.  The Clean Power Plan should recognize CCU as a viable pathway for compliance with new rules.”

The ABO called on “those who support common sense, market-driven, job-creating and emissions-reducing technologies to sign the petition” which is located here.

“It’s important that people understand this petition is not algae-specific,” continued Carr. “We’re calling on anyone who can beneficially reuse waste carbon to join us in this petition and push the EPA to accept carbon capture and utilization as a viable emissions reduction strategy.”
The announcement was made at the 8th Annual Algae Biomass Summit, taking place in San Diego and featuring more than 600 of the world’s leading algae researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, labs, startups and global Fortune 500 companies.

More on the story here.

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