Cool Planet offers help to California on water usage

April 2, 2015 |

coolTerra_on_truck4closeThis week, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an unprecedented order to reduce California’s water usage by 25%.

Cool Planet, a California-based company that makes an organic, water-saving soil enhancer, was inspired by the order and is offering to help reach this goal by delivering a truckload of its water-saving CoolTerra product to reduce water usage on the capitol lawns.


CoolTerra acts like a sponge to help soil retain water and nutrients. It can reduce water use on lawns by up to 50%. (It did exactly that for the City of Thousand Oaks, which applied CoolTerra to City Hall’s shrubs, trees and turf last August. They cut water usage on down by half.)

A truckload? That’s 48 cubic yards, or roughly in the 12 ton range, which has a retail value of about $17,500 so the capitol’s free truckload is essentially a $17,500 gift to taxpayers.

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