CRI licenses IH2 process to European forest products company

April 6, 2015 |

In Europe, a leading global forest products company has entered into an FEL-1 license agreement with CRI Catalyst Company (CRI), a global catalyst technology company. CRI will be providing its IH2 technology, which is a thermal catalytic process that produces liquid transportation fuels from forest residues. The IH2 technology is an efficient conversion route for woody biomass and forest residues feedstock that has been estimated to provide a very cost-effective route, ~$2.25/gallon in 2014 dollars at 2000 tonne dry feed/day scale on a USGC basis using a stand-alone design basis.

The forest products company sees the potential of IH2 technology, and will continue collaboration with CRI and its partners to further evaluate implementation of the technology, with the aim of producing commercial volumes of high quality transportation range renewable hydrocarbons (gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuels) once the plant is constructed. The design feedstock for the facility includes a broad range of forest residues including slash, sawdust, bark, and wood chips.

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