Numbitrax picks Blume Distillation for African energy crop, waste-to-ethanol project

July 22, 2015 |

In California, Blume Distillation sold a license to its Blume Biorefinery system to Numbitrax, based in Touwsriver, Western Cape, South Africa, has completed a purchase agreement and fund transfer for a Blume Biorefinery system. The purchase represents a several million-dollar investment for Numbitrax, which plans to produce ethanol as well as additional high-return offtake products, derived from local and readily available resources.

Funded by Numbitrax and its private investment partners, the project will feature Blume’s advanced AgTech solutions including regenerative agriculture methodologies to help produce low-cost, near-zero emission alcohol fuel from diverse waste, wild-harvest and cultivated carbohydrate-rich feedstocks.

Blume Distillation is engaged in the design and development of turnkey appropriate-scale biorefinery equipment. The company’s current commercial systems produce from 500,000 to 10 million gallons of bioethanol or alcohol-based products per year. Production capacity and construction timeline of the Numbitrax system were not available at press time.

Thomas Gough and his partners founded and run Rangers Reserve (a world-leading survival craft and anti-poaching training facility) located in Touwsriver, Western Cape, South Africa. Situated on 3,000 acres, Rangers Reserve is a center for tracking, anti-poaching and survival skill development. The facility is part of the Fynbos wilderness and is home to diverse range of wildlife and vegetation, including hundreds of different succulents and many unique types of indigenous Protea.

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