Amyris signs multi-million-dollar supply agreement for global nutraceuticals and vitamins market

January 5, 2016 |

In California, Amyris, Inc. announced that it has signed its first Biofene® ingredient supply agreement for the global nutraceuticals and vitamins market. The agreement represents a multi-million-dollar arrangement with one of the world’s leading nutraceuticals manufacturers. Initial volumes of farnesene were delivered to the customer in the fourth quarter for conversion to the final product.

This agreement and the related processing technology for the farnesene building block will enable a significant cost advantage for this key product used for daily nutritional benefit. This is a significant achievement consistent with Amyris’s mission to help its customers do better while doing better for the planet. Demand for global nutritional products continues to grow at a much faster pace than GDP and supplying these products from sustainable sources at a lower cost than current sources is critical for the growing population of the world.

Amyris expects 2016 sales revenue under this agreement to exceed annual Amyris renewable fuel revenues to date and, should the companies execute a forward volume agreement for beyond 2016, Amyris believes revenue under this agreement could be approximately $20 million annually following successful commercialization. The agreement demonstrates the flexibility of farnesene, Amyris’s second unique fermentation molecule, with more commercial uses expected from it in the future.

Due to the competitive nature of this market both parties have agreed to keep the targeted product and the customer’s name confidential.

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