Iowa Caucuses tomorrow: 12 of 14 candidates support the Renewable Fuel Standard

January 31, 2016 |

In Iowa, the Iowa Caucuses are tomorrow, marking the official opening of the US Presidential primary season. The Renewable Fuel Standard has emerged as a major issue in the campaign for Iowa votes. 12 out of 14 candidates support the RFS—realizing the economic, national security, and environmental benefits. And the Des Moines Register’s pollster, Selzer & Co., found that a majority of caucusgoers on both sides of the aisle support biofuels and the RFS—61% of Republicans and 76% of Democrats.

ARF released the following statement:

“The Des Moines Register poll is the latest confirmation that the RFS is a dominant issue in this campaign. One hundred percent of Democratic caucusgoers and over two-thirds of Republican caucusgoers are supporting a pro-RFS, pro-ethanol candidate, and Sen. Cruz’s opposition to the RFS—despite his recent flip-flops on the issue—are costing him significantly with Republicans. That’s why every candidate except Sen. Cruz and Sen. Paul has either always been an ethanol champion, or has gotten there after learning how important ethanol is to Iowa and America.”

The ARF also published this table on the positions regarding the RFS for all the active presidential candidates, below:


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