Alliance BioEnergy Plus tests shows technology bolts on cellulosic ethanol production

April 21, 2016 |

In Florida, Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc. released the results from its most recent testing of corn ethanol Distillers Grains (DDG) and Corn Kernel fiber that has been conducted at its laboratories and pilot facility, Ek Laboratories.

The tests have been part of the Company’s mission to develop and build a Bolt-On cellulosic ethanol solution in conjunction with Harvest Technology’s CoPro Max separation unit that will allow existing corn ethanol plants the ability to process their own distillers grains and corn kernel fiber into cellulosic ethanol, thus adding millions of additional gallons of output a year At No Additional Material Cost.

Steady State testing has shown that the corn kernel fiber is one of the most ideal feedstocks when used in the CTS process and converts nearly 100% of the available sugars in as little as 12 minutes.  When combined with the CoPro Max system (a typical 100mmgy corn ethanol plant), the CTS process adds nearly 12 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol to the plant and recovers most all of the highly valuable corn oil and proteins, from the left over distillers grains.  The sale of the additional ethanol, corn oil and proteins as well as cellulosic credits can translate into an increase of nearly $48 million to the bottom-line of a typical 100mmgy corn ethanol plant.

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