UK promises to support advanced biofuels and use in aviation and freight

October 17, 2016 |

In the UK, in advance of the forthcoming emissions reduction plan, the Government response set out the Government’s commitment to its domestic climate change targets and provides background to our current policy approach in response to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC)’s eighth Progress report on Government’s mitigation activity published in June. The CCC called for policy to deliver an increase in uptake of sustainable biofuels to around 8% by energy by 2020, maintained during the 2020s and increasingly derived from sustainable waste and advanced feedstocks, which the government said it will provide policy plans for by year’s end. In its response, the government said it wants to set long term supply targets to give certainty to industry, incentivize the production of advanced biofuels, support their use in aviation and freight and set a sustainable level for crop derived biofuels.

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