Norway to boost biofuels blend levels to 20 percent

December 10, 2016 |

In Norway, the national government increased the biofuels content in fuets to 20% from 2020. Also, in their new budget, the government increased taxes on petrol to NOK 0,12 pr/l and NOK 0,35 pr/l. Tax increases were also imposed on new fossil-fuel vehicle, beginning in 2017.

As reported in The Digest earlier this year, the current mandate was for B3.5 biodiesel, upped in 2012 from the previous B2.5, and B5 biodiesel blends are generally the standard, and there are B7 blends available on the market.

In August, we reported that St1 Nordic Oy’s Norwegian subsidiary, Smart Fuel AS,signed a letter of intent to construct a Cellunolix ethanol plant in Norway. St1’s aim is to construct a Cellunolix® ethanol plant in the industrial area of Follum in Hønefoss, making maximum use of the existing industrial infrastructure and equipment from the former paper-mill area. The planned production capacity of the plant is 50 million liters of advanced cellulosic bioethanol for transportation, using local forest industry residues as feedstock. It is estimated that the project will reach the investment decision stage in 2018 and the plant will be in operation by 2021.

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