Rayeman Elements patents technology to turn DDGs into cubes for range feeding

January 23, 2017 |

In Colorado, Rayeman Elements has successfully designed patented technology that takes DDGs (distillers dried grains) and densifies them into a… “compact, non-breaking, economical form.” This technology is providing sustainable solutions for range cattle as well as ethanol plants. DDGs can be dehydrated, heated and compressed into range cubes. With a guarantee of no more than 2% of fines (or loss) in the range cubes and the ability to bulk dense almost anything through the machine, the possibilities of production are endless. The quality of these range cubes is demonstrated by their dense form that not only keeps the cubes together but contains 100% natural nutrition and no fillers.

More than 5 years and $20 million was poured into the research, development, and testing of the patent-pending machinery. After opening a location in Nebraska, Rayeman Elements hopes to provide specific opportunities where businesses like ethanol plants can have their own set of this industrial machinery. They have since added licensed facilities in both Kansas and Texas, and are now based out of Berthoud, CO.

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