Embrapa Agroenergia identifies microalgae that can live off vinasse and pome

March 7, 2017 |

In Brazil, Embrapa Agroenergia (DF) was able to identify species of microalgae that can be cultivated in liquid waste from agroindustrial processes, effluents.This crop can generate renewable raw material for biofuels, feed, cosmetics and various other products.The research, which lasted three years, also resulted in the discovery of previously unknown species in Brazilian biodiversity.

The effluents used in the studies were vinasse, formed in the production of sugar and ethanol from sugarcane, and Pome (palm oil mill effluent ), which is generated in palm processing.They are used, today, for fertirrigation of the plantations.Using them, however, as a means to produce microalgae, can add value to the sugar cane and palm production chains, generating more biomass and oil for energy and bioproducts.

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