The 11 Hottest Issues in the Biobased World, Your Picks, Top Experts, On-Demand

April 16, 2017 |

Several weeks ago, Digest readers around the world selected the hottest topics on the sector’s agenda — we organized speakers to those selected topics under the March Madness webinar brand, and we are now halfway through that series.

In all, we have assembled more than 300 slides and 10 hours of commentary and insight from experts in the field – the links below will take you to the recorded webinars, where you can enjoy them at your leisure on an on-demand basis.

Crude Volatility: What’s the outlook for oil and gas prices, supply and demand?

View it here.


We’ve been covering emerging markets and technological pathways and market access – what about market pricing? Specifically, the price of the incumbent that’s oil and gas, and we’ looked at both today in this webinar:

Joining us was Dr Paul Bryan, former DOE Biomass Program manager and before that VP for Biofuels at Chevron among many roles there — also a lecturer on chemical engineering at Berkeley in there and a highly sought after industry consultant, and a regular on the ABLC stage.

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