GoodFuels announces GoodShipping Program to help cargo owners boost biofuel uptake

May 25, 2017 |

In the Netherlands, a new groundbreaking initiative will hand cargo owners the opportunity to control and greatly reduce the carbon footprint of their ocean freight. The ‘GoodShipping Program’ enables ocean cargo owners with a quick, transparent and convenient way to reduce their carbon footprint – from the industry itself, and not from alternative mitigation schemes – by driving ‘purchasing’ biofuel in an initiative that is designed to accelerate low-carbon fuels in the marine fuel mix.

The ‘GoodShipping Program’ comes at a pivotal moment for an industry that has always been regarded environmentally friendly (on a ton-mile basis). Following the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, in which shipping emissions were omitted, alongside aviation, the industry has been exposed and does not have a clear target or approach for its greenhouse gases (GHG), or carbon, reduction. It is expected that emissions from shipping will increase with 50% to 250% by 2050, which would mean the sector becomes responsible for more than 15% of the total global CO2-emissions.

The GoodShipping Program empowers cargo owners and shippers to take control of their carbon emissions without having to rely upon the ship owner to change its fuel mix. Moreover, by allowing the cargo owner to purchase low-carbon, compatible and sustainable ‘drop-in’ biofuels, the opportunity to mitigate carbon emissions within the industry, rather than through an alternative mitigation scheme, is achievable for the very first time.

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