The Yottabyte, Hyperspeed Economy, and you

June 22, 2017 |

If you saw this story on the Internet this week:

You may be wondering about the roles that industrial biotechnology, big data, genetics, robotics and advanced computing are playing and will play in the “entire industries are about to become toast” game.

This video about innovation and convergence, and the implications — may be of use to you in your thinking. It’s called The Yottabyte, Hyperspeed Economy, and it’s here in a slighly more full-screen version — or you can watch it embedded into this web page, below.

It’s about how technologies and forces are arraying and deploying. How they relate to each other and to jobs, work, and value-creation. How they may have catastrophic or sublime outcomes for you, depending on your own market position.

Over the past two months, this has only been seen in Silicon Valley, but upon reflection I thought I might share this (entirely non-commercial) vid with all my readers. Hope it gives you food for thought, and that you find it entertaining.

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