Then and Now: 120 Bioeconomy Pioneers look at yesterday, today, inspirations and challenges

July 27, 2017 |

Four simple questions and such a variety of response as you might expect from the unusual collection of engineers, biologists, marketeers, customers, financiers, policy leaders, advanced R&D specialists, mathematicians, advocates and watchful critics that make up the advanced bioeconomy.

Where were you on July 27, 2007? Where are you now? What inspires you? What do you see as the challenges? 120 of the Digesterati took up the task — from industry rock-stars everyone has heard of, to new colleagues just establishing some visibility. These are your suppliers, your colleagues and your customers — telling you how they see your world.

Back then, they were in grade school, high school, college, R&D, the old petrochemical economy and more. Now, they are in every geography, role, and stage of progress towards commercialization you can imagine. From Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas — these are the faces and voices of the advanced bioeconomy and their stories are presented in alpha order via the page controls below.

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