7 Days from Seed to Harvest: Cellana, and the rise of algae in a world seeking more, faster, better

September 12, 2017 |
Cellana's demonstration farm in Kona, Hawaii

Cellana’s demonstration farm in Kona, Hawaii

It’s been around for millions of years, algae. Why now? A combination of pressing human need, and scientific advancement — these two drivers are working not always on the same timeline, but roughly so.

Algae’s arriving because a 9 billion global population is arriving by 2050, and the developing world is shifting to more protein consumption.

Let’s look at the hard data — let’s see what is critically different about algae, compared to other staple crop agriculture we known and understand. in this case, the Cellana Demonstration Farm (pictured above) which has been operating in Kona, Hawaii for several years and is ready for commercial-scale deployment.

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