Vivergo Fuels shuts down indefinitely as government fails to implement E10

December 5, 2017 |

In the UK, Vivergo Fuels has mothballed its wheat-based ethanol facility in Hull indefinitely due to the lack of government policy that would drive the biofuel sector. The government released a policy in September for E10 but no plans have been made to implement it.

“Over the past six weeks we have seen bioethanol prices fall significantly impacting Vivergo profit margins further.  Whilst there have been some supply increases this year, the bioethanol market in the UK remains constrained by the Government’s inaction.

“As a result of these market conditions and legislative uncertainty, we have taken the decision to take our production facility offline for the foreseeable future. While the plant is offline, we are taking the opportunity to bring forward and extend our annual plant maintenance work in order to maintain employment levels. We will closely monitor the market ahead of any plant re-starting.”

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