Advanced Biofuels USA Proposes Quicker, Cheaper Way to Achieve CO2 GHG Reduction Goals

February 17, 2018 |

In Washington, DC, Advanced Biofuels USA’s Bob Kozak builds on the recent U.S. Department of Energy studies on the superior fuel economy and emission reductions that can come from ethanol-based high octane fuels with optimized internal combustion engines and proposes that the Environmental Protection Agency regulate actual life cycle CO2 mobility and transportation emissions, as opposed to focusing only on tailpipe emissions and failing to factor in environmental harm from related power generation and transmission.

In the DOE studies, ethanol was among the blendstocks having the highest merit function values.

Kozak proposes scrapping the current reliance on CAFE standards measures and going back to the efficient and straightforward Clean Air Act methodology based on reduction of baseline emissions in grams/mile. For the auto makers this means every car and truck that EPA specifies as needing to meet the standard has to meet the standard. There is no averaging between vehicles of different weights or with different engines.

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