Refueling America rally to protect the US Renewable Fuel Standard – Live stream from Nevada, Iowa

March 9, 2018 |


The Digest amongst other outlets is live streaming a rally on Saturday March 10th at 12pm US Central time. The event features Bill Couser and other Iowa farmers, POET Biorefining General Manager Bill Howell, community members, and others.

As the organizers note, “We are sending a message to President Trump. Keep your promise to rural America. Protect biofuels; protect rural economies; protect jobs in the Heartland. Farmers today are suffering from an ag crisis and stand ready to supply America with more clean, Iowa-made fuel. But proposals in Washington are threatening to scale back biofuels use at the worst possible time. This cannot happen. This would have a significant impact on Iowa and would deal a stunning blow to biofuels. Sen. Cruz has rallied the oil industry. We need farmers to be heard.”

Event background

There is a meeting Monday morning at the White House with biofuels industry leaders (including POET CEO Jeff Broin), oil industry leaders and the administration. Sen. Ted Cruz has been hammering away at biofuels all year, and has got the issue onto Pres. Trump’s plate. Right now there is a proposal being considered that would remove responsibility from oil refiners for complying with the law regarding biofuels use. An Iowa State University study this week showed that this proposal would cause corn prices to plummet, by as much as 25 cents per bushel, at a time when farmers are facing a crisis.


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