UNICA and biofuel industry oppose lifting sugarcane for ethanol ban

April 7, 2018 |

In Brazil, environmentalists and the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, UNICA, are protesting the Brazilian Senate’s consideration of lifting a ban on sugarcane production for ethanol fuel in the Amazon. UNICA is worried that if the bill is adopted, it would have a negative impact on the industry’s image, according to Euractiv.

“By changing the zoning guidelines, Bill 626/2011 could bring about a strong pressure for deforestation in the Amazon biome,” UNICA said in a statement to Euractiv. “The Brazilian biofuels and sugar industry does not support deforestation. Bill 626/2011 can tarnish its reputation and jeopardize the markets already conquered and the value of Brazilian products.”

According to Euractive, five former environment ministers also criticized the debated bill. A group of 59 NGOs published an open letter on 2 April, calling for the bill to be banished “to its only acceptable resting place: the archive”.

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