MotionEco launches one of China’s first waste oils to biofuels effort

August 26, 2018 |

In China, MotionEco launched one of the country’s first commercial efforts to collect and process used cooking oil and gutter oil for conversion to biodiesel. Gutter oil has been a big issue for China and MotionEco hopes this will help solve the problem by converting it into biofuel that can be used for road, marine and air transportation. MotionEco is working with Shell’s “Make the future” campaign in China to create a distribution channel for consistent and dependable production and consumption of gutter oil sourced biofuels. MotionEco told that it aims to provide 50,000 liters of green fuel to Nanjing this year.

Founder Liu Shutong said, “We want to convert every city into a green oilfield, to collect and convert the local waste oil into green fuel, supply it to the local logistics fleet, to keep the food safe and at the same time contribute to the environment.”

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