GESS to build new $35M biogas plant

October 21, 2018 |

In North Carolina, GESS International announced plans for a $35 million biogas plant in Robeson County, which has been hard hit by Hurricane Florence. The plant is expected to eventually employ around three dozen people.

Home to more than 7 million hogs, North Carolina is the second largest pork producing state in the country. Eastern North Carolina, which relies heavily on farming and agriculture, has long been a major producer of hog waste. By building a biogas plant on local farms, GESS creates an eco-friendly energy source that reduces waste odor and soil/water pollution, and whose byproduct, through anaerobic digestion, produces organic fertilizer. The result is clean gas that can be sold to energy companies and converted to electricity. The process helps to create a strong relationship between GESS International and local communities and farmers.

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