Attis Industries launches video series explaining its lignin-based technologies

November 5, 2018 |

In Georgia, Attis Industries launched a video series that will offer investors and interested parties additional information on the technologies and bio-based products offered under the Innovations division. In the video, Attis Chief Executive Officer Jeff Cosman and members of the Innovations team discuss the current inefficiencies in biomass processing and how the Company is taking the next steps to double the biofuel output from biomass.

Link to video:

The transcript of the video states in part:

“Our [processing] outputs include pulp and a unique form of high purity lignin…. While the pulp can be used in traditional pulp and paper markets or to produce cellulosic ethanol, it’s this high purity form of lignin that allows Attis to substantially increase the value and products made from biomass….  For every 1.0 pound of cellulosic ethanol produced, Attis is able to recover about 1.3 pounds of high purity lignin…. This is an alarming amount of highly concentrated carbon, captured from carbon dioxide and stored by photsyntheisis in plants, that has been overlooked for decades….  Attis plans to convert its lignin into transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel and/or jet fuel, which could double the fuel output of biomass, or to convert the lignin into various materials such as plastics, adhesives or carbon fiber.

“Over the next few months, we will be traveling across the country to visit each of our partnered labs and more clearly represent our planned success.”

In the coming months, additional videos will be posted on the Attis Innovations website.

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