Edeniq withdraws cross-claims against Aemetis after “defeating all claims” in court

December 13, 2018 |

In California, after its recent success in defeating all claims in the lawsuit filed by Aemetis, Inc., Edeniq, Inc. announced that it has voluntarily withdrawn its cross-claims.

Edeniq had brought this countersuit to assist it in defending against Aemetis meritless case; having now achieved that clear victory, and said:

“Edeniq has chosen not to incur the time and expense of a trial. Edeniq will now turn to recovering the attorney’s fees and costs it believes it is entitled to pursuant to the parties terminated merger agreement.”

“By defeating every one of Aemetis claims, Edeniq has fully achieved its goals in this litigation. We look forward to putting this lawsuit behind us and continuing to focus on our industry, our investors, and especially our customers,” stated Brian Thome, President and CEO of Edeniq.

Aemetis CEO Eric McAfee responded:

“The fact is that the Aemetis case against Edeniq to enforce the valid acquisition agreement signed between the parties in 2016 has not gone to trial yet, or even finished pre-trial motions and stipulations, much less completed the multiple-year appeals process or been remanded for future trial on appealed issues that remain in dispute.

“And, further claims and counter-claims can be brought against Edeniq by multiple parties as the case moves forward. Unless a settlement occurs, the case has many years of litigation ahead before any final resolution of the Aemetis lawsuit is expected. Aemetis continues to be confident of the validity of its lawsuit.  Extensive legal discovery in the case has uncovered significant additional facts supporting the Aemetis claims.”

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