The Values Chain: An inquiry into how we create and capture value when we innovate

November 26, 2019 |

A note to my readers: a few weeks back, I was asked to give some remarks at a private meeting of venture capitalists and technology pioneers on the future of wellness, nutrition, agriculture, biotechnology and innovation. I decided to focus on the capture of value, and tell this story of a Values Chain that I see replacing the Value Chain. You may agree, you might disagree. But this is how I have been looking at it.

Here’s my hypothesis: If we hope to gain the full return from innovation, today,  we have to create a values chain, not just a value chain. Let’s explore value capture in a modern context, shall we?

If you have enjoyed, say, a $15 whisky cocktail at a popular urban bar or restaurant, you’ll know that there’s lots of value being created via our friend, the cocktail.

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