Pathway to Fuels: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Bio-Syngas and Fatty Alcohols

November 28, 2019 |

Did you know that Dow and LanzaTech previously validated syngas conversion to fatty alcohols via the +1 pathway (LeuABCD) in Clostridium? There is a project underway now to develop a new bio-syngas fermentation process using engineered bacteria for production of intermediate (C6-C14) fatty alcohols leveraging robust chemical markets enabling scaling to biofuels production at <$3/gge.

Devon C. Rosenfeld at The Dow Chemical Company, shared this illuminating gave this illuminating presentation at the DOE’s BETO 2019 Project Peer Review that details the strain engineering to resolve pathway bottlenecks, their work on fermentation optimization and stability, plans for future work, and more.

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